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October 25, 2018Guideline for Level 3 Term 2 on Industrial Attachment and project workcampus
October 15, 2018সহকারি কাম কম্পিউটার মুদ্রাক্ষরিক পদে পদোন্নতির প্রজ্ঞাপনadministrative
October 9, 2018Exam Schedule: Level 3 Term 1academic
October 9, 2018Exam Schedule: L4 T2academic
October 9, 2018সহকারী ইন্সট্রাক্টর পদে পদোন্নতির প্রজ্ঞাপনadministrative
October 8, 2018Notice to admit- Level 4, Term 1 (8th Batch)campus
October 7, 2018বস্ত্র আইন, ২০১৮administrative
October 2, 2018Result of B.Sc. in Textile Engineering L-4 T-I Exam-2017academic
September 23, 2018Result of Retake Subject(s) of B. Sc. in Textile Engineering Level-2 Term-IIacademic
September 23, 2018Result of Level-2 Term-IIacademic
September 12, 2018Exam Schedule of B.Sc. in Textile Engineering L-2 T-1 Exam-2018academic
September 11, 2018Admission Circular for 2018-19admission
August 12, 2018Application Form for Certificateacademic
August 6, 2018Exam Schedule: B.Sc. in Textile Engineering L-3 T-2 Exam-2017academic
August 6, 2018Exam Schedule for B.Sc. in Textile Engineering L-1 T-1 Exam-2018academic
August 2, 2018Result of Retake Subject(s) of B. Sc. in Textile Engineering Level-3 Term-I, Examination-2017academic
August 2, 2018Result of Level-3 Term-I, Examination-2017academic
July 24, 2018Mill Training Allowanceacademic
July 23, 2018Exam schedule for 10th Batch L2 T1academic
July 23, 2018Result of Retake Subject(s) of B. Sc. in Textile Engineering, Level-l Term-II, Examination-2017academic
July 19, 2018Result of Level-l Term-II, Examination-2017academic
July 11, 2018Mill Visitcampus
April 20, 2018First Convocation of BUTEX, October 2018academic
March 24, 2018Independance Day Programcampus
March 19, 2018Exam Schedule: L-2 T-2 E-2017academic
March 14, 2018Orientation Class Noticeacademic
March 5, 2018Exam Schedule: Level-1 Term-2 Session 2016-17academic
February 22, 2018Exam Schedule: Level-3 Term-I, Examination-2017academic
February 19, 2018Result: Level-3 Term-II, Examination-2016academic
February 12, 20185th Merit and Migration Listadmission
February 11, 2018Exam Schedule: Level-1 Term-2, Examination-2017academic
February 5, 2018Result of Level-2 Term-I, Examination-2017 Retakesacademic
February 5, 2018Result of Level-2 Term-I, Examination-2017academic
February 4, 20184th Merit and Migration Listadmission
January 30, 2018Folk Fastible Postponedcampus
January 28, 2018Result of Level-2 Term-II, Examination-2016 Retakeacademic
January 28, 2018Result of Level-2 Term-II, Examination-2016academic
January 24, 20183rd Merit and Migration Listadmission
January 9, 20182nd Merit and Migration Listadmission
January 4, 2018Result Published: Retake Subiect(s) L-1 T-1 E-2017academic
January 4, 2018Result Published : Level-1 Term-1 Exam-2017academic
December 24, 2017Admision Result 2017admission
October 9, 2017Exam Schedule : L-4 T-2 E-2016academic
October 8, 2017Admission Notice 2017admission
September 12, 2017Exam Schedule: L-2 T-1 E-2017academic
September 12, 2017Exam Schedule: L-3 T-2 E-2016academic
August 25, 2017Result Published: L-4 T-I E-16 H-17academic
July 24, 2017Result Published: L-3 T-1 E-2016academic
July 21, 2017Exam Routine: L-1 T-II E-2016academic
July 18, 2017Result Published: L-1 T-2 E-2016academic
June 7, 2017Result Published: L-2 T-1 E-16academic
March 21, 2017Exam Routine: L-1 T-I E-2017academic
February 20, 2017Final Exam Schedule: L-3 T-I E-2016academic
February 13, 2017Result Published: L-2 T-2 E-15academic
February 9, 2017Result Published: L-1 T-1 E-2016academic
November 16, 2016Tender Number : T- 52 of 2015-2016administrative
November 6, 2016Exam Result: L-I T-IIacademic
September 22, 2016Exam Routine: L-3 T-2academic
September 6, 2016Result Published: Level-3 Term-I Exam-2015academic
May 5, 2016Result Published: L-2 T-1 Exam 2015academic
March 13, 2016Result Published: L-3 T-II E-16academic

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