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Textile Engineering College, Begumgonj, Noakhali is an engineering educational institute in Bangladesh, affiliated with Bangladesh University of Textiles. It is directly controlled by Ministry of Textiles & Jute, Bangladesh.


British Weaving School

During the British colonial rule from 1911 to 1929, 33 peripatetic weaving schools were established in East Bengal to meet the requirements for a textile technician by offering an artisan-level six-month course. Begumgonj Textile Engineering College, Noakhali is one of them; it was established in 1918. In 1968 it was upgraded to District Weaving School offering a one-year course and in 1981 District Textile Institute offering a two-year certificate course in textile technology. But the certificate course was not acceptable to the industry.

Textile Institute, Noakhali

In 1993 a three-year diploma course was introduced under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) which was treated as a milestone for the textile education. The duration of this course was extended to four years in 2001.

Birth of TECN

The college was upgraded in 2007 to offer a BSc in textile engineering. The course is affiliated by the Bangladesh University of Textiles.

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