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Detail Syllabus

Detail outline of Department of Applied Science

Credit Class / Week Total Class
3 3 45

Algebra: Matrix, Rank of Matrix, Convergence and Divergence; Inequalities.

Trigonometry: Demoiver’s Theorem, Deductions from Demoiver’s Theorem; Complex Numbert, Gregory’s series, Summation of Series, Hyperbolic Functions.

Three Dimensional Geometry: Co-ordinates, Direction cosines, Projections; The plane; The Straight Line, The Sphere.

Differential Calculus: Functions; Limits; Continuity, Simple Differentiation; Successive Differentiation; General Theorem and Expansions; Role’s Theorem; Mean value Theorem, Taylor’s series, Machlaurin’s series; Indeterminate forms; Partial Differentiation; Maximum and Minimum; Tangent and Normal; Curvature.

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