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B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (Specialization in Yarn / Fabric / Wet Process / Apparel Manufacturing / Fashion & Design)

The course structure is yearly basis allowing Textile Engineering students to select a broader range of subjects including textile technology, textile engineering as well as management, marketing, industrial law, computer literacy etc.

Also The course is designed in such a way that it includes sets of theoretical subjects, practical works, industrial training & viva-voice. It covers core and allied subjects.

In this regulations, unless the context otherwise requires

1.1 “University” Means the Bangladesh University of Textiles abbreviated as BUTex;
1.2 “Regulations” means Academic Regulations;
1.3 “Syndicate” means the Syndicate of the University;
1.4 “Academic Council” means the Academic Council of the University;
1.5 “Vice-Chancellor” means the Vice-Chancellor of the University;
1.6 “College” means the affiliated Colleges under this University;
1.7 “Dean” means the Head of a Faculty of the Un;versity;
1.8 “Registrar” means the Registrar of the University;
1.9 “Department” means concerned Acaaemic Department of the affiliated College;
1.10 “Principal ” means the Principal of the affiliated College;
1.11 “Academic Committee” means Academic Committee Of Affiliated College.
1.12 “Head” means Head of the Academic Department of the affiliated College;
1.13 “Chairman” means the Chairman of the Examination Committee;
1.14 “Controller” means the Controller of Examinations of the University;
1.15 “Centre In-charge” means In-charge of the Examination Centre.
1.16 “Equivalence Committee” means the Equivalence Committee of the University;
1.17 “Level” means an academic year, consisting of Term-I and Term-Il.
1.18 “Term” means a semester.
1.19 “Student” means a student admitted in an affiliated College and registered of this University;
1.20 “Course System” means pass or fail on course basis.
1.21 “Failed Courses” means the courses registered but not appeafng at the examination or not passed after appearing at the examination.
1.22 “Discontinuity” means failure to appear in all courses (Theory and Practical/SessionaI) in a particular Level

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